Digital transformation is critical to competitiveness and survival for businesses today.

But everywhere, digital transformation is stymied – by organizational inertia, unclear vision, an ever-shifting consumer/technology landscape, and mismatches of know how.

Rumble Fox powers businesses’ digital transformation. We help craft and execute changes to improve how you do business and what you offer your customers.

We are thinkers and doers - a seasoned team of multidisciplinary veterans.

More than that, we are collaborators and creators - masters of crafting digital solutions, in every form, and every sector and size of company.

We’re writing a new playbook in services: a hybrid of
consultancy, design studio, and development shop. 

We do things differently:

1. We build teams that are senior, small, and fast, - so we can build and iterate with confidence, and on budget.

2. We are radical collaborators. - We don’t spend time or your money on theater to hide the process. Our clients get a welcome level of transparency that often surprises and sets the bar.

3. We get our hands dirty. - That’s the only way to find and capitalize on the untapped digital value in your company.

4. We promote digital independence. - We plan on making our mark and our fortunes through great work, not co-dependent relationships.

5. We love innovation, but hate the word. - We don’t care if something is new, cool, or even differentiating.  Only one thing matters: does it add value to your business or your customers?  If yes, that’s cool enough for us. We’ll roll up our sleeves to get you there.

6. We close the thinking doing gap - that stalls digital transformation and wastes money. Ideas are nothing without the expertise to execute, and execution is a powerful source of digital ideas.

In short, we think like consultants, and work like your team.

We created Rumble Fox to help companies achieve their highest digital potential. Together, we can create new revenue opportunities, unleash the talents of your staff, build brand equity, and increase profitability.

Give us a call, and let’s get to work.


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Julie L. Andrews, Partner, SVP Client Engagement
Julie L. Andrews
Partner, SVP Client Engagement
Julie Andrews has an impressive track record of eliminating roadblocks and creating award-winning, best-in-class products. She is able to construct environments that foster collaboration among clients, creatives, and developers by combining the strengths of both production and account management. Andrews has transformed client services and project delivery at agencies including AKQA, Deep Focus, Big Fuel, RAPP, and Sparks & Honey and for clients like GM, GSK, Nestlé & Coca-Cola.
Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena, Design Director
Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena
Design Director
Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena works at the intersection of physical and digital design. He blends a deep understanding of technology, user behavior, and interface design, creating experiences that shape social interactions and follow usability rules. He has been awarded a Golden Nica by Ars Electronica, an artist residency at Eyebeam and a US Patent, among other achievements. Gómez de Llarena is known for working collaboratively with designers, strategists, technologists and clients to deliver on the promise of creative, usable experiences that make clients, users or ambassadors better able to engage and share. He has led award-winning teams at R/GA, Mother and frog, working on a leading edge projects for a diverse roster of clients including Nike, Nokia, J. Crew and GE.
venu, Partner, Entrepreneur
Venu Moola
Partner, Entrepreneur
Venu Moola is Rumble Fox’s lead technology partner. An Entrepreneur with over 18+ years of experience working in technology, Venu manages global projects for some of the world’s leading brands. Venu innovates technology as an architect, engineer, product lead, maker, and, as the founder of Fleet Studio, in sourcing global technology talent in innovative and truly agile ways. Venu is also a thought leader as the chair and founder of Princeton Tech Meetup, ranked #60 in the global tech meetups rankings. Venu’s passion extends far beyond technology, to include photography, cricket, and spending lots of time with family traveling the world.

Karen Ngai, UX & Visual Design
Karen Ngai
UX & Visual Design
Karen Ngai believes that design isn’t just about how it looks but how it works. She also believes that good design means that it’s useful and useable, which means that the way the customer uses the design is as important as the branding.

Ngai has been able to show this intersection of user experience and design for many clients such as Spotify, WebMD, Lowe’s, J&J, Target and AT&T and for leading agencies and companies like iVillage, Euro, and R/GA.
Benjamin Oderwald, Creative Director
Ben Oderwald
Design Strategy Director
Benjamin Oderwald believes that when business goals are matched to customer needs, everyone benefits, that no problem is too big to be understood, and that measurement and accountability is part of any good solution. In sixteen years as a user experience designer and strategist he has put those beliefs into practice, doing pioneering work in e-commerce and systematic design and turning complex problems into solvable projects with measurable results for clients like IBM, Target, Verizon, and Nike.
Kip Voytek, Partner, CEO
Kip Voytek
Partner, CEO
Over the last 16 years, Kip Voytek has been at the forefront of innovation in digital marketing. For the past four years, Voytek, led innovation initiatives at MDC Partners and was the recipient of the Million Dollar Challenge award for his expertise in cultivating and empowering digital talent. Voytek guided digital M+A, set integrated strategies, and consulted with the industry’s top creative firms. At R/GA, LBi, and Digitas, Voytek helped companies harness the power of technology to build their brands. As a creative director, account lead, and strategist, Voytek led teams that have won every major award in the industry. His clients include: Nike, Nokia, J+J, SCJ, MasterCard, COTY, Target, GSK, and Microsoft.


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